People who place religion over humanity often make bad company. They are a terrible lot and can cause harm to others in the name of trying to do God a favour. They treat those outside their religion as unworthy of the dignity they profess for themselves. They see others as low and unintelligent, even those … Continue reading Humanity

7 Important Guidelines to Life

1. When Your Are Alone, Mind Your Thoughts Alone moments are time periods when the subconscious scripts of your life are written by your thoughts. Your fears and doubts and thoughts of inadequacy and insecurity get nourished during alone moments. The absence of distractions makes it possible for you to concentrate on the most prevailing … Continue reading 7 Important Guidelines to Life

The Store Dream

I had a dream past the hour of 3am. Its meaning I was quick to interpret. In the dream, I saw myself in a store, like a supermarket. There were other people there. For some reasons, everyone could not move. No one was doing anything though it appeared they were all there to get something. … Continue reading The Store Dream

10 Things To Quit Right Now

1. Quit Daydreaming and Idleness Daydreaming is a pastime for idlers. It is the habit of fantasising of being something as an escape to an unfavourable present reality. Daydreaming is the "I wish I am" scenarios people indulge in their mind. If you're truly at work at something, there won't be time for daydreaming. Live … Continue reading 10 Things To Quit Right Now

Dowsing Gender War

Considering the Gender War currently being fanned in different quarters and the zeal with which some men and women add fuel to the fire, I came up with a document that should dowse the conflict and ensure that the natural harmony between the man and woman is not destroyed. If the harmony is maintained, there … Continue reading Dowsing Gender War