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Action is The Proof of Belief

You don't take action if you don't believe such action has a potential value. Fact. Answers to your desires sometimes come as a new connection, as an opportunity, or as an invitation to go somewhere. Act on them. If you don't act on those promoters that often pop up on you to do something or… Continue reading Action is The Proof of Belief

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Mistakes Are Mustakes.

Mistakes are opportunities Life often give us to learn something, to see why and how something can work, or to see how we've not listened to our intuition against following a route or taking a decision. Mistakes are sometimes like the situation of the infant touching fire. The infant learns to not touch the fire… Continue reading Mistakes Are Mustakes.

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Have You Found Your Soul Tribe?

A lot of folks will have their depression reduced to minimal if they can find a support group which not only listens to their fears and desires, but which shares the same fantasy, hopes, and aspirations with them. We are social creatures. We need others to thrive in our mental health. Loneliness is a slow… Continue reading Have You Found Your Soul Tribe?

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Miracles Happen in The Place of Peace

There are awesome things you can do by thinking of doing them, if the worries of life do not stand in the way. You can think up amazing things. You can bring genius to a lot of things going on in your life and environment. But, if you must do this, it has to come… Continue reading Miracles Happen in The Place of Peace

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Think Like A Goat Feeds

Whether animals do think remains a subject work within the science community. It is more known that animals operate by instinct if such word alone refers to those animal behaviours outside the operation of mere instinct, such as some behaviours displayed by common animals like the dog. To think like a goat is a metaphor… Continue reading Think Like A Goat Feeds