Don’t Expect Burnout or Failure!

Fatigue expectation and the fear of failure are two top reasons why people don't commit to long-term goals. They fear that committing hard work and brain work into a 3 to 5 years project for the goal of, for example, making 10million, may be so tiring. Adding the possibility of failing to this thinking makes … Continue reading Don’t Expect Burnout or Failure!

Hold On, Don’t Faint!

Sometimes, problems will overwhelm you, you would feel like going into hibernation to sleep until the problems solve themselves. But no person becomes strong by evading the reality of their problems. No one succeeds by trying to hide from challenges. These are what make people. Embrace your experiences. Be an active player in them. Don't … Continue reading Hold On, Don’t Faint!

The Secret Stories of Our Lives

There are secret stories that we tell ourselves. These stories have a lot of impact on how we see ourselves, how we interpret the world and how we carry our relationship with other people. These secret stories have both positive and negative elements. The negative elements carry all our fears, doubts, our sense of inadequacy, … Continue reading The Secret Stories of Our Lives

Let Mind Lead You On

Having taken upon yourself a mission and purpose, let mind lead you on. In the face of confusion and misdirection, let mind lead you on. In the presence of fears and doubts,  let mind lead you on. When the road ahead seem uncertain, let mind lead you on. When you can't trust or be trusted, … Continue reading Let Mind Lead You On

Snakes and Ladders

I had a dream about Snakes and Ladders. It wasn't like I was exactly playing the game, because there was someone there with me, in a kind of dark place. It was as if that someone was showing the board to me. Thinking about it brought to mind something I know and which life's experiences … Continue reading Snakes and Ladders