What You Choose to Focus On Will Grow

A quote says “where attention goes, energy flows”. The power of thought is implied here. What you focus on the most receives not only the energy of thought and imagination, but the power of feeling, and opportunity to become.

Our thoughts create certain feelings in us. The positive the thought, the positive the feeling. The negative the thought, the negative the feeling. The single fact is that these always reflect in your life.

When you hold a picture of your fears long enough, they receive creative power and find their manifestation. When you hold a picture of your desires, goals and wishes, they receive power and seek to be manifested. Where things become dramatic is when you consciously direct your thoughts on the positive things you want.

Become the conscious gardener and your garden will beautify your life.

4 thoughts on “What You Choose to Focus On Will Grow

  1. This is exactly what I need at the moment. It reminds me of that story of the elder telling a young kid that there are two wolves, and the one you choose to feed will be the stronger one. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. That story is one of my favourites. I make a mind reference to it most of the time when I notice my emotions or thinking on negative.

      Truly, what we focus on grows.


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