Dark Regions of The Country of The Mind

There are some happenings around you that will make you think that you are being wasted, being finished. You are living your life and doing what ought to be done to the best that you can, but something seems to be undermining you, something seems to be in resistance, tugging at your sense of completeness, trying to deflate you.

Sometimes, it is difficult to place a hand on what is going on, because most times these impressions are most active when you are alone, and at other times when you are with others. You can feel a lessening on your body and some dark thoughts within you. You can feel, sometimes, your strengths waning and everything seem dark and you question the truth of your being and of what you desire. You may even entertain the thoughts of giving up. At some points, these things happen to you not because you are depressed, but you are being worked on.

What you should understand is that something is at play. Actors in the story of your life acting out situations to bring about certain ends. They are villains of the old order. Your demons, men and non-men who stand to lose you when your mind shifts away from their domain. You are loyal to them if you are performing according to their script.

You don’t see these apparently non-existent forces but you feel their works. In your waking moment, they are with you arranging your perceptions and validating why things are happening as they are happening, using ignorant willing actors as accidental villains who become enemies, rivals or competitors, just because there has to be some drama, the origin of which they have no idea. In your sleep, programmed dreams are used to inform you of what has happened to you, what is happening, and what would happen to you.

Suck it! This is not your mind creating your reality bullshit. This is not you having these experiences because you have a pathological way of thinking.

There is a level you will go in the country of the mind where your awareness of happenings gives that realm a sinister, dark nature. But no one is talking about it, though every day they experience it. Others are living in denial of it and using highfalutin words to explain it away.

Yes, your mind has the power to mould you into the image you see of yourself, into the image that you truly are. As you carry on the work, you will become aware of another mind equally using mind to attempt to create your reality. This other mind seems to be doing it more effectively, more precise, because they understand your buttons, your triggers, and those regions of your brain where messages have to be projected on to create a narrative for every moment of your life – their reality for you. Just look around you, you can see those who have taken on programmed realities.

Listen, this information is not to take your attention away from your personal power. It is to inform you that ignoble beings are dwelling in the dark regions of the country of the mind whose main occupation is to mould lives to their whims which part of a larger order, a larger plan. They give more attention to those who are out there with a purpose to focus The Light on their dark deeds and on the structures that they have built and then they give support to those who can peddle their agenda and maintain this nasty system.

Know this: until you understand the backend of this system, the frontend realities – the things you see – will keep having the same meaning and effect that everyone thinks they are. When you are aware of the true nature of reality and the players in it, including yourself, certain impressions which should depress you will have no power over you, though you cannot run away from these impressions.

Their goal is to manipulate, to keep people depressed, locked out of their powers, destined to feed on their shits.

You have to know that you are the Sovereign of your life. You are the one king in your kingdom. Never ignorantly give your life and power away. People are ignorantly doing so. No matter how real your demons tug at you, the most real person in your story is you. Whenever you win their antics, when you undermine their bullshits, you need to see them get angrier, that’s why they come reinforced because they lost previously.

Live your life by your script and accept all that comes along your way. You chose this life. The journey is yours. But, never forget that you may be a pawn, a villain, or a giant in someone else’s story. It depends on whether you have your power or you have given it away.

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    In this post Victor Negro suggests how we are influenced and manipulated by outside forces and individuals pursuing their own agendas, encouraging us to give away our own power.
    All around we see how political agendas are pursued by subtle means to ensure a population compliant with their agenda (eg ‘economic growth’, ‘consumerism’).
    Our task is surely to become aware of these manipulations (not necessarily conscious), and become our authentic selves. As Victor says, ‘It depends on whether you have your power or you have given it away.’

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