You Can Still Attain More

Should we bother to measure personal growth and attainment during the year? Should we care or not about what goals we reached, what connections we made, or what aspect of ourselves we improved upon the past six months? Should we rather just live and be and let life flow us to wherever direction it is taking us to?

The honest truth you never hear people say is that goal-setting is not a must. You don’t become divine by setting lofty goals and pursuing them through the weeks and months of the year. Being goal-oriented doesn’t increase you more than the man who just wants to be in a temple meditating about the things goal-oriented people chase after. Chasing goals doesn’t make you more lovely than that old lady who just enjoys the pleasure of watering her plants and nothing more.

You can just live and be and enjoy air and sunlight and everything that comes with your station in life and not want anything. You can abandon whatever you think you are meant to pursue and then cast away all restraint and just live in every moment that life and people bring your way. That’s just fine as far as your life is concerned.

But, there’s something about being intentional. This, you have heard too often and it is now here reiterated. The intentional life is one that wants something. The intentional life wants to be more and is not content to allow life and people dictate all moments or motions of its life. The intentional life is goal-oriented and measures its progress by such metrics as self-improvement, success, and attainment, and new connection.

Looking back six months ago till now, the intentional person can point to one or two measurement. The carefree individual may have stumbled on luck, but the intentional individual has created it.

How far have you come? Did you make intentions to attain something? Did you attain it or were you close to it? Did you make mistakes? Did you learn something? What else can you reach for and attain before the end the year? Did you find out if the goals you’re pursuing are in or out of alignment with your being?

As the second half of the year begins, you can lay it on your heart to be intentional for the things you want for yourself and your future.

Remember, it is the little things that form you and your destiny. The little things are in your thoughts, actions, and habits; they are in the people you associate with the most, they are in the books you read or refuse to read, in the actions that boldness or doubt make you take or not take.

This is time to convince yourself that you can get into battle with life and win. You only have to be intentional about it.

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