The Secret Stories of Our Lives

There are secret stories that we tell ourselves. These stories have a lot of impact on how we see ourselves, how we interpret the world and how we carry our relationship with other people.

These secret stories have both positive and negative elements. The negative elements carry all our fears, doubts, our sense of inadequacy, our regrets, and our shame. The positive elements carry our hopes, our memories of accomplishment, our victories, our needs and desires, our fantasy of greatness, our prospects for success, and the different permutations of our ambitions.

Our prevailing mood at the time can influence which story plays over on the screen of our minds. The story that stays longer in the mind takes us in the direction of the story because your physical life would have to act it out one way or the other.

If you dwell on the negative stories, they will produce sadness, depression, apathy, bodily weakness, a negative outlook on the world, and even jealousy of those you define as succeeding.

If you dwell on the positive stories, they will produce joy, peace, motivation, strength, an empowering sense of self, and a positive outlook on the world.

The secret stories of the mind are what shape character and destiny. It is through these stories that we exercise our creative power to form our character, to plot so many actions in our lives, to determine who plays supporting roles and who plays the villain, and to construct destiny.

The secret stories of the mind form strength or weakness, which one stays the most is the one that is reinforced time after time.

These secret stories are made up of thoughts, imaginations, and those silent words that only you hear. They are all happening in the mind, but their outward effect has made and unmade a lot of people.

The secret stories of the mind are most active during solitary moments. They show up as your normal thoughts but these are narratives built up from your subconscious mind shaping the “facts” of your conscious mind – the facts of your life.

To exercise a measure of control over your mind and the moods it creates, you have to be aware of the story you are telling yourself, every minute. It is a case of guarding your mind, willfully scripting empowering narratives that form good character, happiness, courage, and a future with fewer regrets and disappointments.

Start with the secret story now playing in your mind.

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    The secret stories that we tell ourselves. Victor Negro reminds us of the power of our own positive and negaative thoughts and the stories they tell us. They shape our character and destiny. So being aware of the stories we tell ourselves is actually rather valuable. Maybe we can then change them!

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